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Why Do Women Find Doctors So Sexy?
Every woman has sexual fantasies, and one of the top sexual daydreams of women involves doctors, hospitals and examinations.

In these sex fantasies, the woman is usually ordered to remove her clothes and her sex organs are examined by a good-looking, gentle, but firm doctor. The woman must lie there and submit to his expert gaze. The doctor then proceeds to give her every pleasure possible, and finally sends her on her way, happy, smiling and healthy.

So what's the appeal? Is it because every woman has lived through the uncomfortable experience of a smear test and wishes it could be better? Or is it the thrill of being ordered around by a handsome, authoritative man. Perhaps it's the longstanding attraction of being on display, showing your wares to please the customer? Or is it the joy of being submitted to pleasure, without the obligation of returning the favour - mainly because it's a "medical procedure"?

Whatever the case, many women quietly admit to the odd fantasy about their gynaecologist. There is definitely something appealing about a man who knows everything about the female body and it's easy to conclude that he can put this knowledge to good use in the bedroom.

Add to that the many TV and film doctors, played by dashingly handsome actors such as George Clooney, and the reasons why the image of the sexually perfect doctor is so popular start to become clear.

Adult sites such as Erotic Doctor and Fetish Hospital cater to these female fantasies, and it would appear the desire for medical men will remain strong for years to come.

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